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Well being: treatments

Well being: treatments

  Residenza Il Girasole in collaboration with ‘naturalmentebene’ presents a beauty service which begins this season!!! Well being and beauty farms have become very rare but much requested. A holiday is often the moment to recharge the batteries and find the equilibrium that the daily frenzy puts to the test. At “ I Girasoli” we have chosen to offer an exceptional beauty and well being service! The company ‘naturalmentebene’ (www.naturalmentebene.com) of Terni presents a series of treatments which take place at our agriturismo and are carried out with precision and great care.
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The Treatments

› Body Scrub
Invigorating scrub which exfoliates the skin. Prepare the skin for the sun and prolong your tan.
€ 30,00

› “Made to measure” complete massage
The “made to measure” technique is personalised depending on each individuals requirements. From a mix of relaxing techniques to a sinergy of energising movements. Digitopressione o drainage. Perfumed and hydrating oils are used such as; rose, chocolate, lotus flower, honey, red fruits or citrus. For a magical break.
€ 70,00

› Mixed partial massage
For the part of the body most prone to tension and pain. From the legs to the back, the techniques offer a lasting concentration of well being.
€ 40,00

› Antistress localised massage
For the head, the face, and the shoulders. Enriched with a special oils for the skin, the scalp and the hair. Relaxing and enriching.
€ 40,00

› Foot massage
Foot massage. Stimulating the points which correspond with organs and parts of the body. Finshed with a nutritional compress. Not to be missed.
€ 55,00