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Special Offers and Beauty packages

Special Offers and Beauty packages Umbria

Current offers:

absolute well being
› body peeling
›“made to measure” massage
› hydrating hair mask
› special face mask

€ 99.00



› Body Scrub
Invigorating scrub which exfoliates the skin. Prepare the skin for the sun and prolong your tan.

› “Made to measure” complete massage
The “made to measure” technique is personalised depending on each individuals requirements. From a mix of relaxing techniques to a sinergy of energising movements. Digitopressione o drainage. Perfumed and hydrating oils are used such as; rose, chocolate, lotus flower, honey, red fruits or citrus. For a magical break.

› Hydrating hair mask
Both the precious fibre of the hair and the scalp merit the correct care. A hydrating product is used in this pleasurable massage.

› Special face mask
With natural oils especially for the skin, for a deep and beneficial refreshment of the face.