Trekking Umbria - walking with CAI
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Trekking in Umbria - walking with CAI

Bike Trekking - Umbria

  What makes a holiday unique?
Excursions in an unrivalled landscape or in medieval villages where time has stopped?
Or reliving ancient skills, or the flavours of the authentic Umbrian cooking and not only this?
Maybe all of these …We will accompany you along unknown routes and too villages which still conserve past memories, teach you techniques which only a few still know and through smell and taste to discover a whole world of genuine flavours.
Along with many other activities which will make your holiday a unique and authentic experience.


Unknown Umbria

Olives, history and…… Often the most authentic emotion can be found in simple things: colours, silence, picturesques streets in ancient villages, food offered by people met along the way, horizons without end. There isn’t just the well known and famous Umbria but there is a hidden more profound Umbria which is still alive in the small villages which carries on with few words and lots of hard work and which welcomes you and shows you images and sensations which you didn’t know existed.
Along this route you will find an authentic, delightful Umbria.

Umbria: from Assisi to Norcia, in the tracks of the shepherds

7 days/6 nights
From May to October

Umbria has always been the land of shepherds; continuing to move around during the day and during the season, following the flocks, they have created numerous trails where it is still possible to breathe the nomadic and tranquil air.
On these invisible hardly known trails, we will walk following the greenest pastures and the shade of the oak trees, stopping at every spring, to the wild Appenine mountains which still today hosts the memories of these proud and untiring people.