Horse Trekking in Umbria
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Horse trekking

Horse trekking in UmbriaAmazing routes in a still unknown, uncontaminated countryside of precious natural beauty. Our horses are trained for American style riding, ideal for trekking. The riding school tries to realise your dream of an unforgettable experience on horseback immersed in nature. We organise treks on request, also for beginners who with personalised lessons are able to take part in the treks. It is also possible to bring your own horse on the trek.

The treasures of the Tiber Fluvial Park
Route A The Watermill
Take the footpath in the direction of Spinace, to an old furnace used for the production of carbon. Immersed in the green of fields and forest, an ancient Roman road brings you to the Faena torrent, where you head uphill for 2Km until you reach the old mill of Baldo; following the torrent further, you pass beneath the crags of Ripanera where you can admire the splendid natural gorge before heading uphill again to take the path back to the ancient road that brings you to the mill.
Route B The Barco woodland
Going towards the old bridge of Aldrena, you reach the torrent, and from there head towards an ancient hunting lodge. A brief pause allows you to take photographs, and then head towards the woodland of Barco, famous for its particular wooded area of Turkey Oak, Oak and Juniper. Head uphill towards the Poggio di Randola, then down towards the quarry and from there take the path back.
Route C The Hermit
Leaving the centre to get to the Faena pass, you cross the torrent to visit to Molinaccio, an ancient mill with its old millstones. Heading uphill to the pine-wood, you arrive at the flat land of Braghino, passing by an old hermit’s precious medicinal herb garden, and then continue up to the Faena springs where a delicious snack is planned. You head back past the atmospheric Torre Nera (Black Tower).

- 1 hour lesson € 15,00
- Half day ride-out € 40,00
- Horses board € 25 per day


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