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Current events in Umbria

Colors of Giotto
From 10 April to 5 September 2010
The Basilica of Assisi, between virtual restoration and restitution, is an exciting new event designed by Giuseppe Basile, to be held in Assisi for the months from April to September 2010.
This is an innovative exhibition, an art project of great stature, where the visitor is actively involved in restoration work and is enabled to know the works of Giotto, both physically and virtually ...[more]

Coloring the sky 2010
From 29 April 2010 to 2 May 2010
International Review of kites and balloons every year in Castiglione del Lago welcome to spring!
First date of this nineteenth edition an exhibition of kites - kites Gianni Bariselli, which will commence Saturday, March 20th at the Palazzo della Corgna ... [more]

Bike in Umbria
A cycling holiday, or even a weekend biking trip, offers you the chance to get to know a local area, and to experience the multitude of colours, fragrances and emotions that it offers. It gives you the opportunity to flavour adventure, to finally reach the top of that arduous climb and enjoy the wonderful views from the summit, or the ancient hamlet lying on the other side. A cycling holiday provides you with the opportunity to observe the fine detail of a region, and to feel at one with those places you pass through, as you leave behind the speed, stress and superficiality of modern living.
Cycling is an ideal way of visiting a chosen local area, as it gives you the opportunity to get a true feeling of a place, to discover its spirit, and to leave the stress of modern life far behind. Umbria, in turn, with its hills, its rivers and streams, its history and its ancient hilltop villages, provides the ideal terrain for such exploration. Thanks to its varied landscape, it caters for all types of cyclist, and its relatively traffic-free roads, the hospitality offered by its hotels, restaurants and guest houses, the welcome given to visitors by local people, and its genuine local foods and wines, make it the ideal place for a relaxing cycling holiday ...[more]